2007 Kaplan Architect Registration Exam Study Materials

The AIA-EIC has the complete 2007 Kaplan Architecture Registration Exam study materials available for loan to our Associate chapter members. These study materials include study guides, flash cards, practice tests, vignettes, & test bank CDs to help you with your exams. Click here for more information.

Please contact Brent Ludwig for further details by phone at (815) 806-0146, Ext. 15, or e-mail at

Q/A Regarding Obtaining IDP Units for Attending AIA and AIA-EIC Events

How does one submit AIA Continuing Education work for IDP supplementary education credit?

Get an AIA number. If you are an AIA member, use your AIA member number. If you are not an AIA member, see the instructions below.

Attend a sponsored event or complete a self-designed activity. AIA components and AIA CES registered providers sponsor continuing education events. When you attend an event, follow the AIA registered architects lead by signing in with your name and AIA number. The event provider is responsible for submitting your information to AIA, which maintains CES records.

If the activity was performed on your own, such as completing the questions for a continuing education article from Architect Magazine, then you are responsible for submitting a self-report form online to the AIA with your AIA number.

Download your transcript. You can download a copy of your transcript from a href="">AIA CES Discovery website at any time (or request a transcript in writing, one free each year).

Report your work on the e-EVR Report your work through the e-EVR in "My Supplementary Education" tab. The transcript documenting completion of AIA-approved resources must be uploaded to the e-EVR at that time.

How does one submit AIA Continuing Education work for IDP supplementary education credit if one is not an AIA member?

Even though you are not an AIA member, the AIA will maintain a record of your continuing education so that you may apply it toward IDP supplementary education. AIA supports this program for NCARB record holders currently in IDP. Please fill out the web form at

You will be assigned a temporary AIA customer number for use in tracking your credits with this resource. The AIA-issued number is not an AIA member number but should still be used when signing in to all AIA-approved continuing education courses.

Please visit the Free Transcripts for Interns informational page at

Refer to the steps above to complete the submission process with NCARB.